When baby is tired

When I’m tired, I lie down rest….

IMG_5103 IMG_5104 IMG_5105

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Playing ball games

Baby Kaitlyn like holding 2 balls at a time 😉

IMG_5082 IMG_5084 IMG_5087 IMG_5086

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Eating lemon with mum


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Little Miss Curiosity

# Tan Son Nhat International Airport, HCMC, Vietnam

IMG_3508 IMG_3507 IMG_3509 IMG_3510

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Bubble bath

#Rex Hotel Saigon

IMG_3583 IMG_3582

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Dancing in the wind

IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2357 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2364 IMG_2297

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Mum’s kiss


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Little princess Kaitlyn (Professional pics)

045 044 047 051 050 066

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Little princess Kaitlyn

IMG_1268.JPG IMG_1270.JPG IMG_1273.JPG IMG_1271.JPG IMG_1283.JPG IMG_1288.JPG IMG_1293.JPG IMG_1289.JPG

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Taking 1-Year-Old Photos


IMG_1294.JPG IMG_1295.JPG IMG_1309.JPG IMG_1324.JPG IMG_1342.JPG IMG_1337.JPG IMG_1338.JPG IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1312.JPG IMG_1311.JPG

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