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Bubble bath

#Rex Hotel Saigon

IMG_3583 IMG_3582

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Dancing in the wind

IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2357 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2364 IMG_2297

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Go travel with this suitcase

IMG_1124.JPG IMG_1127.JPG IMG_1128.JPG IMG_1125.JPG IMG_1134.JPG IMG_1132.JPG IMG_1130.JPG IMG_1131.JPG

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Riding a scooter

IMG_1209.JPG IMG_1210.JPG IMG_1214.JPG IMG_1215.JPG IMG_1218.JPG IMG_1220.JPG IMG_1219.JPG IMG_1224.JPG

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Playing with the fountains is lots of fun!!

IMG_1101.JPG IMG_1103.JPG IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1105.JPG IMG_1104.JPG IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1106.JPG IMG_1110.JPG IMG_1118.JPG IMG_1119.JPG

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at Deoksugung Palace, Seoul

IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0689 IMG_0685 IMG_0688 IMG_0687 IMG_0686

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Weiiiiiiii ~~~

Baby Kaitlyn likes playing with all kinds of phones these days…

IMG_0713 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0734

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Visiting Deoksugung Palace

IMG_0663 IMG_0672 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0697 IMG_0710 IMG_0712

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Look what I found…..This is a cool game mom.

IMG_9299 IMG_9302 IMG_9300 IMG_9301 IMG_9303 IMG_9304

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Mum I can see a beautiful girl… Hi!

IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596

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